Wad2PDF Windows guide

This is a quick quide to using Wad2PDF for those who have little or no experience using Windows command line tools. Following the instructions here will make it possible for you to create your own PDF files easily.

Getting started

The first step is to create a folder called wad2pdf to the root of your C: drive. This can be easily accomplished using My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Download GlBSP from here. Extract its contents to C:\wad2pdf. The result should be as in the following figure.

GlBSP files

Download Wad2PDF here. Extract it also to C:\wad2pdf. The result should look like the following.

GlBSP and Wad2PDF files

Copy doom2.wad to C:\wad2pdf.

From Windows' Start menu select Run.... Type cmd to the dialog as shown below.

Running cmd

Press enter and you get a command prompt window. Type cd \wad2pdf and press enter.

Changed directory

Now we build the level 5 GL nodes that are required by Wad2PDF. Type the command shown below and press enter.

Ready to run

When GlBSP finishes, the result should look like this.

GL nodes ready

Now we are ready to run Wad2PDF. Just type the command shown at the last row and press enter.

Ready for Wad2PDF

When it finishes, the end result should look like this.

Wad2PDF finished

We are finished. The PDF file can now be found in C:\wad2pdf as shown below.

All done

Pwads and more

Running Wad2PDF on pwads is straightforward. Just copy the pwad to c:\wad2pdf, build the gl nodes just like above, and run Wad2PDF like this: wad2pdf <iwad file name> <pwad file name>. Note that you must always have the correct iwad first, because pwad files do not contain all the information needed to build a PDF file.

After you have gotten started, you may fine-tune your PDF files by giving Wad2PDF various command line options. These are documented in the readme file that comes with the package.

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