Wad2PDF is a program that converts the levels in Doom wad files into PDF files. The result has a bird's eye view of every level, with floors neatly texturized and all items in the level in their proper places. The PDF output can be imported to graphics programs for further editing or printed out directly. You can even create wall-sized mega posters of your favorite Doom levels.

Wad2PDF is coded by Jussi Pakkanen and released under the GNU general public licence. Further info can be found on the Sourceforge project page.


Wad2PDF requires only an IWAD file and optionally resource wads and a pwad. Those not running the Windows binary also need a Python installation. All levels must have version 5 gl nodes built with glBSP. Some proficiency with the command line is also required, since Wad2PDF does not have a GUI.


The newest version is 1.7, released 14th of January 2008. Download it here. It is available as a Windows binary and as a Python source package.

Windows guick quide

Since there are many Windows users who don't know how to use the command line I have put together a step by step tutorial on using Wad2PDF.


Screen shots

Note: most of these screen shots have uniform colored "boxes" behind the items and monsters. These are caused by XPDF, which can't handle transparency. The same happens with XPDF derivatives like KPDF and GPDF. All images are properly masked, but only Acrobat Reader shows them right.


I could not have done this program alone, so I'd like to thank the following people for their contributions.

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